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Ireland is an award winning singer/songwriter who brings an authentic indie-rock experience to every project. Her distinctive voice signature conjures something both nostalgic and new.  She grew up in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and gigs regularly throughout the DFW metroplex.  On May 8th 2020 she will be releasing an album titled "The Life of Rosemary Ellis."  The album tells the story of one woman's life in 11 songs.  It opens with a song about how Rosemary's parents met and wraps up with an elderly Rosemary, alone due to the death of her husband, pondering what the next chapter in her life will be.  The concept album has been a couple of years in the making as she has worked through the lyrics and music that would best tell Rosemary's story.  The lyrics tell a great story, but the music and hooks make it all enjoyable for the listener.  Ireland worked with a multitude of talented people on the album, including Grant Thompson, Gio Salvatici, Joe Dunn and Samuel Holder.  The resulting album is a musical experience that can be enjoyed in many different ways by many different people.