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Newest Single: Loverboy
Summer 22' Single: High

Ireland’s 2020 album, "The Life of Rosemary Ellis," is a unique indie-folk-rock collection that explores the highs and lows of personal relationships. It tells the story of one woman, Rosemary Ellis, in 11 songs.  The album has been a labor of love that Ireland has been working on for 18 months.   Every song features Ireland’s unique interpretive style and the albums takes the listener on a journey and we hope you enjoy the ride!

In the summer of 2022, Ireland released a single called "High". The song was written after she had come back from a beautiful out of state trip, where she hiked mountains and got to appreciate nature in a brand new way. Join Ireland in her admiration for nature with her song "High".

 On February 14th, 2024, Ireland released her first single off of her upcoming EP,"boys". The single, "Loverboy", is just a small peak into what the EP will bring. The EP will be a fun mix of her original songs, all written about... boys. As she works on putting together her newest EP, she is thrilled to bring her music to life with the help of the amazing and skilled musician/producer, Matt K, based out of Nashville.

Be sure to give her a follow on social media platforms to keep up to date with her new music. She plans on releasing an EP called "boys" in 2024!



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Hand in My Pocket (Cover) 

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